[Blog] Business #1 – A Rambling Introduction (video)

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Before reading my first blog, I should let you know that I recorded a somewhat directionless video discussing my desire to start a business, why it was important to me and other such details.

This is part 1 – the beginning of the story – so please excuse the loose format. My hoping is that that production value is good enough that you’ll watch until the end. It would mean the world to me to leave me some feedback – any help I can get at this point means a lot.

Following on from making the above video, I thought it would be useful to consolidate my thoughts into a blog post that I’ll keep as short as possible:

I’m 28 years old and it seems that I’m not the first person in my late twenties to feel that there’s something more to life than a 9-5, Monday to Friday desk job that pays a decent amount of money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly grateful to be in a position that allows me to earn enough money to support my wife and son but I keep feeling like there must be something more.

If I were to retrace my steps, it would have started with Tim Ferris and his superb book, Tools of the Titans. Reading about people that have reached a point far beyond what I thought was capable is hugely inspiring. But inspiration by itself doesn’t move mountains and that’s where the words and videos of entrepreneurial role-models like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins came in. The ‘pot of self-improvement’ has been bubbling away for a couple of years now and has just began to boil over – which is why you’re reading this right now.

It seemed like I needed to choose something to home in on and I had a number of choices. I have a deep-rooted passion for competitive video games that stems from my childhood, but it was difficult for me to visualise a future in the esports scene – maybe due to its lack of popularity here in the UK. I also grew up playing musical instruments and played in a band in my teens and twenties, but that dream died when I moved away from Birmingham and got a proper job. Finally, there’s food. My time spent living in London opened my eyes to new things and it excited me a lot. I was never able to explore my culinary side until moving back to my home city and it’s gained traction over the past few months to the point that I realised that it could be something I see myself doing in the future.

“Doing what exactly?” I hear you ask… Well, there are few things less exciting to me than hearing from and watching chefs and cooks talk about their love of food. They do what they do because they’ve found what it is that they love doing; making people happy with the food that they create. I daydreamed about feeling that way and decided that I should focus on a specific area that I enjoy the most: American Barbecue. The sort of low-and-slow cooking that comes from Texas isn’t that popular in the UK and yet we have some of the finest selection of meats and seasonings in the whole world (I might be biased, but Google it if you don’t believe me). I’ve always admired people like Aaron Franklin who just do what they do because they want to do it – and they get to earn money whilst doing it too.

I don’t have a plan, yet, but for now I want to just work hard and see where it takes me. If there’s one thing that Gary Vaynerchuk has taught me, it is to be patient.

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