The Best Wood for Smoking – Grilling Wood’s BBQ Smoking Chunks

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Grilling Wood BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks





  • Even-sized chunks
  • Long, slow burn
  • Amazing value per KG


  • Bark isn't considered desirable

Grilling Wood’s BBQ Wood Chunks are one of the best options available for amateur smokers. The batch I purchased has served me well over several cooks and offer a consistent burn time and high quality at an affordable price. Scroll down to read the full review.

The Review

The flavour of your meat can be hugely impacted by the wood that you use. Most of the ‘off-the-shelf’ offerings available to UK consumers are primarily wood chips. They often burn fast and, depending on your style of barbecue, are often not suited to longer cooks (unless you enjoy constantly topping up your wood). This is where wood chunks come in.

Whilst not as popular as wood chips, good quality wood chunks can be better in some ways. Firstly, a good quality chunk of wood will burn evenly and for longer than the equivalent weight of wood chips. I was getting around 3 hours per wood chunk – which means that a whole box is going to last me many hours and many cooks.

The box I purchased from Grilling Wood seemed to contain some quality pieces of wood. There were no unpleasant markings or colourings and it all smelled relatively similar (yes, I had a cheeky sniff or two…).

The wood wasn’t dry either, which means that it wasn’t going to burn too fast or smoke too much. No more soaking wood chips, hooray!

Despite all of this, the reason for me buying these was the price. It’s shocking to recall the amount of money that I’ve spent on quality wood chips. When you compare the money save by going for bigger pieces of wood, you’ll never look back. For me, this really is the best wood for smoking.

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